1000 Freeware SEGA Games

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Caesars Palace
Cal Ripken Jr Baseball
Caliber Fifty
California Games
Cannon Fodder
Captain Americaandthe Avengers
Captain Planetandthe Planeteers
Captn Havoc
Castlevania Bloodlines
Castlevania The New Generation
Centurion Defenderof Rome
Chakan The Forever Man
Champions World Class Soccer
Championship Bowling
Championship Pool
Championship Pro Am
Chaos Engine The
Chaos Engine The 2
Chase HQ 2
Chavez 2

Chester Cheetah
Chester Cheetah 2 Wild Wild Quest
Chi Chis Pro Challenge
Chibi Maruko Chan Wakuwaku Shopping
Chiki Chiki Boys
Chinese Chess
Chou Yakkyou Miracle Nine
Chuck Rock
Chuck Rock 2
Chucks Excellent Art Tool Animator
Clay Fighter
Coach KCollege Basketball
College Football USA 96
College Football USA 97
College Footballs National Championship 94
College Footballs National Championship 95
College Slam
Columns 3 Revengeof Columns
Combat Aces

Combat Cars
Comix Zone
Conqueringthe World 3
Contra Hard Corps
Cool Spot
Cool Spot 2 Spot Goes To Hollywood
Cosmic Spacehead
Crack Down
Crayon Shinchan
Cross Fire
Crude Busters
Crue Ball
Crusaderof Centy
Crystals Pony Tale
Cutthroat Island
Cyber Ball
Cyber Cop
Cyborg Justice

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